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Canada's Start Up Visa Program


Sparsely populated with vast areas of open green space, Canada has a pristine environment, clean oceans and good air quality. Canadian passport, one of the world’s most powerful passports, allows its citizens to Visa Free travel 170 countries. Canada is a country built on immigration. Its high standard of living, top ranking free health-care system and excellent education system have been the major factors that help the country attract immigrants. Immigration is still needed to meet Canada’s economic goals.

định cư canada



The first company to be appointed to sell the Canadian Start up program in Vietnam by a Government registered immigration firm from Canada


No need to travel until 2022, can apply from Viet Nam


Revised scheme offering clients a route to Canadian PR followed by citizenship


Very reasonable investment (own business or investment in established company)


Contact Odin Land: 0906.827.700


The Canada Start-Up Visa program (CSUV) grants Canadian permanent residence to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. The program aims to recruit innovative entrepreneurs to Canada and link them with the Canadian private sector businesses (angel investor groups, venture capital funds or business incubators) and facilitate the establishment of their start-up business in Canada.
Canada’s Start Up Visa program is fast, simple and straightforward and allows the applicants to go direct to Permanent Residence. Odin Land will completely manage the whole process from the Incubator Letter of Support to visa issuance by IRCC. This is truly a great opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to shift to Canada.

định cư canada


• Fast, simple and straightforward program
• Applicant is led directly to Permanent Residence
• Applicant and family can live anywhere in Canada (except Quebec)
• Odin Land will develop the business concept and manage the complete process
• The Permanent Residence Visa is not tied to the performance of the business concept
• Small upfront payment of CAD 40.000 (fully refunded if application not accepted), with balance required only after issuance of the Letter of Support
• Qualifications are flexible and many applicants qualify for CSUV
• Quick PR processing time (12 months)
• No need to leave Vietnam for at least 16 months

định cư canada


  • Incorporate a company and intend to develop a business concept or idea in conjunction with the Canadian business incubator (EVERYTHING is done for you by Odin Land)
  • Be minimum age 21 (no maximum age)
  • Have basic proficiency in English or French CLB 5 (~5.0 IELTS) or greater
  • Cannot be inadmissible to Canada for medical, security or criminality reasons
  • Business ownership or management experience (would be beneficial but not required)
    2+ years of post-secondary education (would be beneficial but not required)
  • Depedents include spouse and single children under 22 years old

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định cư canada


Step 1: 24 Hour Client Assessment

Odin Land assesses the client’s qualifications in 24 hours

Step 2: Interview & Preparation

Odin Land will develop the business concept and prepare client for the interview with the Business Incubator

Step 3: Approval

The Business Incubator will approve the client and issue a Letter of Support

Step 4: PR application

Application is processed and permanent residence visa is issued in 12 months

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