About America

The United States is the fourth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada and China.It is the convergence of many ethnic groups from Europe, Asia,America and Africa

The US is a leading industrialized country with modern industries, agriculture and services with a highly competitive economy,

The education in the United States is also rated  as one of  the  leading development system in the world  American diplomas being valid throughout the world, and are recognized by most countries.


EB-5 (Employment Base Fifth) is an investment program to get US green card for the whole family. The EB-5 program was enacted by the US Congress in the 1990s with the main purpose of creating jobs for US citizens. Foreign investors will invest directly or indirectly in newly established businesses; Investor’s family including spouses and children under 21 years of age will be granted a US green card, entitled to permanent resident status and opportunity to enter US citizenship.


  • Receive US green card and US nationality for the whole family (including single spouses and children under 21 years old). Get all the rights as a US citizen Children of investors are allowed to study for free in the US until the end of high school  and the tuition fee is only 1/3 of that of foreign students.
  • Visa exemtion to 185 countries around the world once receiving a conditional green card
  • Receive annual interest, higher than saving USD in Vietnam and investors can get investment refund after 5 years


  • EB-5 investment limit from $ 500,000 USD . From November 21, 2019, the investment will nearly double to $ 900,000 USD
  • Prove that the investor’s money is of legal origin
  • Demonstrate effective investment by making the investor’s money create 10 jobs for indigenous workers


Step 1

Sign service contracts and sign POA

Step 2

Prepare the I-526 application for conditional green card and transfer money

Step 3

Apply for I-829 to remove the condition

Step 4

Receive permanent green card

Immigration Programs Comparison

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