Frequently Asked Questions About New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program – Canada

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1. Minimum investment in New Brunswick (NB)

Make a minimum 250,000 CAD investment in a New Brunswick business in accordance with Section 87 of the IRPA regulations and deposit $100,000 with the province of New Brunswick (conditionally refundable after running a business in NB for 1 year)

2. Why should I choose New Brunswick to immigration by investment?

  • To be granted permanent residence card for the whole family and enjoy all the benefits
  • When the applicant family moves to NB, the children can attend public school in NB for free ( kindergarten to grade 12)
  • University tuition is only one third compared to international studdents, with no restrictions on the school or field of study
  • Fast federal processing is expected ( 9-12 months in most posts)

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3. How long does it take to obtain New Brunswick PR?

Once you have submitted complete documents, it usually takes 9-12 months in most posts for IRCC to process your applications and grant you the New Brunswick permanent resident.

4. How can I get NB PR?

  • Be between 22 and 55 years of age
  • Have completed at least 2 years of post-secondary education (after high school)
  • Have basic proficiency in English or French (IELTS 5.0)
  • Have minimum $600,000 in Net Worth ($300,000 unencumbered)
  • Have minimum 3 years (in the past 5 years) of ownership experience (min. 33.3% ownership), or 5 years (in the last 5 years) of senior management experience in the private, for-profit sector, directly managing at least 2 employees
  • Present a business concept with the potential to provide economic growth to New Brunswick

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5. Investment options

Here are your top of New Brunswick investor immigration options:

  • Information technology and media
  • Financial services and insurance
  • Science, health and life
  • Food processing
  • Value wood
  • Space and defense
  • Agriculture
  • Advanced production

6. Process of processing records for investment immigrant New Brunswick

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7. What is the common work on NB?

The New Brunswick economy is dominated by health, finance, insurance, retail and education. New Brunswick is famous for the processing, manufacturing and shipping industries such as shipping, shipbuilding, etc. In addition, tourism is also a key industry of the province.

8. What is the average living cost on NB?

The low cost of living in New Brunswick means that even with a modest income, one can live a comfortable life. Average income for New Brunswick families is $65,910, among the lowest in Canada. At the same time, housing costs, as well as the cost of living generally, are among the lowest in Canada. The cost of heating, power and food are likewise substantially lower than almost anywhere in North America.

The mandatory minimum wage is currently at $10.30/hr. Provincial personal income taxes are slightly above the Canadian average.

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9. Do my family members need to know English or French? 

Family members who are not primarily responsible for immigration documents, will not need to be fluent in English or French. However, knowing English or French will help members quickly integrate into a new life in Canada.

10. When I come to New Brunswick , what services have been helpful for me?

In New Brunswick, there are many organizations that provide services exclusively for newcomers. The Government of New Brunswick and each province carry out many free programs to help you integrate into the community in there. Housing assistance, assistance with finding a job, language classes, assistance with your child’s admission, social activities and many other services will help you avoid problems when coming to New Brunswick.

11. What is the weather in New Brunswick?

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12. Is it expensive to live in New Brunswick?

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13. Is healthcare free in New Brunswick?

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14. How many univerisity in New Brunswick? How can I apply?

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15. What is the economy of New Brunswick?

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