After 39 migrant deaths in a lorry, EU squeezes on Vietnamese visa?

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After 39 people found dead in a refrigerated truck container in Essex, England, it is said that the issuance for Schengen visa will be squeezed. What’s true of the news?

According to a Facebook account who currently settling in Europe posted on November 20: “Starting from November 18, the visa policy for a Vietnamese citizen at any consulate will be approved through all 27 Schengen countries. It means that if you go to the French Embassy to apply for a visa, in addition to your full document, you will have to wait for the approval of all 26 other countries in Schengen, otherwise refused without explanation.”

This news cause anxious to whom concerned to go EU. But still now there have been no new official changes from Embassies and consulates of EU countries about adjusting visa policy for Vietnamese people

According to the Schengen Law, from April 2017 up to now, Schengen countries must update visa application to the general system so that member states can answer and get consensus of all countries. Member states which do not accept, the visa will have the entry “Do not enter with …” that certain country. This provision is clearly stated on the European Commission’s official website. This list of 37 “certain countries” includes Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea etc.

On the website of Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), it is also a recommendation if the applicant is in “certain countries” list, it may take longer processing and should be scheduled for early submission for Schengen visa.

Source : Tuoitre