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In recent years, Germany has gained popularity as one of the top study abroad destinations. Thanks in part to its world prestige and open-minded, welcoming population, Germany demands serious consideration when deciding on your ideal international study experience, and here’s the list to prove it!

1. Take Advantage of the Almost Non-Existent Tuition Fees

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Since 2014, Germany has made public universities nearly free by abolishing tuition fees for both domestic and international students, including international students from outside the EU. For students from countries like the United States where tuition fees are a huge concern, Germany is the perfect alternative as a study abroad destination.

Although students are still responsible for small administrative fees, the end total to study at a university might only be a few thousand compared to the tens of thousands many students expect to pay in other countries.

2. Enjoy a Low Cost of Living

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Luckily, compared to other international study destinations, Germany as a whole remains relatively cheap when it comes to cost of living. According to the consulting firm, Mercer, who publishes data on the cost of living in 200 countries around the world, the German cities of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Frankfurt all dropped into the bottom 100 of the world’s most expensive cities. Only Munich placed in the top 100 at spot 98.

Astoundingly, Berlin ranked in at spot 120, making it one of the cheapest European capitals!

3.Benefit from an Economic Powerhouse

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Germany continues to be the driving force behind the European Union’s economy. As a leading economic power, it’s not hard to imagine that opportunities are abound to find work.

If companies such as BMW, Siemens, Adidas, or Bosch sound familiar, then you’ve already been introduced to the excellence that German industry has to offer.

4. Participate in One of the Many International Programs

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As long as you have an academic proficiency of the English language, there will be programs to suit any interest.

Numerous German universities offer prestigious degree programs in business, sciences, and humanities, entirely in English.  So, why not consider studying web development in Berlin or design thinking in Munich?

5.  Immerse Yourself into a Remarkable Culture

With landscapes and lifestyles as diverse as its population, Germany offers a unique and multifaceted opportunity to immerse yourself in German culture in your own unique way.

Whether you prefer to settle in a more urban or rural environment, Germany offers something exciting for anyone to experience. Check out the pulsing nightlife of Berlin, the picturesque villages of the Black Forest, the art scene in Dresden, or the beer halls of Bavaria.

Source: Educations.com