The United States is the fourth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada and China.It is the convergence of many ethnic groups from Europe, Asia,America and Africa

The US is a leading industrialized country with modern industries, agriculture and services with a highly competitive economy,

The education in the United States is also rated  as one of  the  leading development system in the world  American diplomas being valid throughout the world, and are recognized by most countries.


The E2 Treaty Investor (E2) is specially designed for citizens of “Treaty Country” who want to invest and settle in the United States through a bilateral treaty with the United States. As a country on the E2 list, Turkey citizens are entitled to apply for an E2 visa to the US when investing and operating businesses in the United States. Investors and families (spouses and children under 21 years old) are free to live, work, study in the United States on a 5-year visa, with no restrictions on the number of visa renewal.

To get Turkey citizenship, investors only need to spend less than a quarter of the cost of the EB-5 program and the process is simple, much faster (about 6 months). The investor’s application for citizenship will be reviewed and approved by the Turkey Government before making the investment, ensuring 100% success when investing. After getting  Turkey citizenship, investors and families can invest and apply for an E2 visa to live in the United States. This is the fastest and most effective program to help investors and their families quickly get the opportunity to live in the United States



  • Fast process – only 4 to 6 months for a Turkey passport and 2 – 3 months for an E2 visa
  • The whole family can move to the US to live and work quickly with an E2 visa
  • Children attend public school with free tuition fee, from elementary to high school
  • Turkey passport for investors and the next generation
  • Free entry and exit to the United States and visa-free access to over 130 countries – including all EU countries
  • There is no stay requirement in Turkey
  • Renew every 5 years

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1. Get Turkey citizenship

Applicant has purchased property in Turkey from a Turkish citizen or company with an appraised value of USD$250,000 or more

2. Invest in getting an E2 Visa

Applicants conducting business activities with a minimum investment  of USD 200,000. Their spouse can get a work permit and their children can study in the US. (the more investment, the better)

Currently, there are many options for Vietnamese investors, such as opening a Vietnamese food store, a nail salon or a franchise.


Step 1

Invest into citizenship of Turkey

Step 2

Evaluation and establishment of business in the US

Step 3

Complete the business plan

Step 4

Apply for an E2 Visa


1. Cost – including Turkey citizenship, it will cost about 500,000 USD  . EB 5 is now 900,000 USD

2. Time – you can be living and working in the US within 10 months to 1 year. EB 5 is 7 years waiting list, then 5 years risky investment, so at least 12 years.

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