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The education in the United States is also rated as one of the leading development system in the world. American diplomas are being valid throughout the world, and are recognized by most countries.
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Public schools in the U.S. provide education from kindergarten through 12th grade. They are generally free for students. Each of the 50 states manages its own public school system.

Preschool and pre-kindergarten

Preschool refers to non-compulsory classroom-based early-childhood education. Pre-kindergarten (also called Pre-K or PK) is the preschool year immediately before Kindergarten. Preschool may be general or may have a particular focus, such as arts education, religious education, sports training, or foreign language learning, along with providing general education in the United States. The curriculum for the day will consist of music, art, pretend play, science, reading, math, and other social activities.

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Primary education

Elementary school includes kindergarten through sixth grade (or sometimes, to fourth grade, fifth grade or eighth grade). Basic subjects are taught in elementary school, and students often remain in one classroom throughout the school day, except for specialized programs, such as physical education, library, music, and art classes.

Secondary education

Secondary education is often divided into two phases, middle/junior high school and high school. Students are usually given more independence, moving to different classrooms for different subjects, and being allowed to choose some of their class subjects.

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Higher education

Higher education in the United States is an optional final stage of formal learning following secondary education, often at one of the 4,495 colleges or universities and junior colleges in the country. The U.S. ranks 10th among industrial countries for percentage of adults with college degrees. There are over 7000 post-secondary institutions in the United States offering a diverse number of programs catered to students with different aptitudes, skills, and educational needs.


The traditional path to American higher education is typically through a university, the most prestigious form of higher education in the United States.

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How much does education cost?

Education in the USA can be expensive, depending on the institution you choose to attend. However, many private educational establishments offer bursaries and financial support to ensure that students from lower income families can still have the opportunity now to attend.

SchoolAverage cost
Preschool / kindergarten (monthly fee)1,875 USD
Private school for lower grades (annual)25,286 USD
University tuition (Public, four year university)Annual average for state residents $9,650, for out of state expect averages up to $24,930
University tuition (Private, four year University)Annual average of $33,480

America – throughout history – has always attracted immigrants inspired by the opportunities available there. It’s no surprise, then, that plenty of expats still make the leap, and move to the USA for life. Whatever you’re looking for, the US is a fantastic expat destination, for a permanent move, or just to spend a year or two exploring somewhere new.

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Good luck with your new life in the USA!